Everyone Dreams... Not Everyone Dreams Alone!

Everyone Dreams... Not Everyone Dreams Alone!

A man hunted in his dreams. A long-hidden secret from the Witch Trials. Can a modern-day Salem witch save Henry Trank from the man in his dreams before his secret is revealed?

Salem, the Witch City, is a town crackling with magic, both light and dark. Henry Trank is in love with his new hometown. But not everything is perfect. When Henry sleeps, dreams of a time and place he's never been haunt him. People he's never met are after him. Things from his dreams return with him. And a centuries-old secret society watches him - day and night, awake or dreaming.

When a beautiful, green-eyed witch named Joanne tries to help Henry uncover the mystery hidden in his dreams, dark forces woven throughout the town begin to surface. They've seen Henry's dreams. They know who he used to be. And he must never learn the truth. The League of the Moon coven must find a way to bring 1692 and 2018 together, and Henry is the key.

There's only one problem; Henry doesn't believe any of this is true.

Can Joanne and her coven convince Henry that magic is real, past lives are possible, and the watchers in your dreams can kill you?