Everyone Dreams... Not Everyone Dreams Alone!

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If you're into books like 'A Discovery of Witches' or enjoy books like 'Harry Potter' , but for adults, you'll love these supernatural suspense thrillers. 

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Everyone has a past - even a four-year-old.

They're looking for him. Wanda saw the eyes in the clouds. Cold, blue, and searching. His dreams from then have started, and they know. Young Henry has been hidden from the Order Immortalis since the day he was born.

But the memories are coming back, and those threatened by them are on the move. Henry holds within him a secret from a time long past. A threat to the very existence of the Order that they must uncover ... or silence forever.

Henry is a happy guy. He's loving his new hometown, Salem, Massachusetts. He's loving his new job at Massachusetts General Hospital. There's even a potential romance on the horizon with a beautiful, seemingly familiar, green-eyed witch named Joanne.

But there are dreams. Night after night, angry men from a place and time he's never been are after him... and they're getting closer with each dream.

Henry turns to Joanne for help. Together they try to unravel the mystery of Henry's dreams. It will take them places they never could have imagined... toward dangers they never knew were possible!

And to a destiny they never knew they shared...

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Someone wicked this way comes...

They thought it was over. They thought life would go back to normal. They were wrong ...

The Order Immortalis has not given up. And now, they want Henry and Joanne's child. The message written in blood on their door is clear ... "Delilah Is Ours."

A faceless entity stalks them, but he's not alone. Something lives within Delilah now. Something they want back. And the Red Witch is on the rise!

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