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Everyone Dreams... Not Everyone Dreams Alone!

Everyone has a past - even a four-year-old.

They're looking for him. Wanda saw the eyes in the clouds. Cold, blue, and searching. His dreams from then have started, and they know. Young Henry has been hidden from the Order Immortalis since the day he was born.

But the memories are coming back, and those threatened by them are on the move. Henry holds within him a secret from a time long past. A threat to the very existence of the Order that they must uncover ... or silence forever.

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Henry Returns!

He moved to the Witch City to start a new life, but everything about Salem feels eerily familiar.

Henry Trank is scared. Terrified by nightmares plaguing him since his arrival in Salem, he decides he's had enough. But when he records himself screaming out the last thoughts of a dying woman as he sleeps, he ends up wishing he'd left his GoPro in the closet.

Fearing for his sanity and desperate for answers, he shows the tape to the only person in Salem he trusts. When he watches the reaction of the beautiful green-eyed witch, they both realize it's worse than it looks.

Henry agrees to meet with the leader of the League of the Moon coven. When she lays out her suspicions, he's shocked. But she can't tell him the whole truth. Not yet. Because she knows the real reason he's back - to finish what he started 326 years earlier, as someone else. Henry's arrival in Salem is no surprise to her. And no surprise to the immortal who wants all of them dead. Again.

Can Henry accept an impossible truth in time to save them all?

In Your Dreams is the unputdownable first book in the League of the Moon Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Suspense series. If you like magic, mystery, and twist-filled plots, you'll love Robert Sanborn's compulsively addictive thrill ride!

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The Red Witch Rises!

Someone wicked this way comes ...

Henry and Joanne thought – hoped – it was over. That when Delilah was born, malevolent forces hidden around every corner were gone from their lives. In the Witch City, it's never that simple.

"Delilah Is Ours!" A threat, scrawled in blood, drips down their front door. Beneath it hangs the effigy of Wanda Heinze, leader of the League of the Moon coven, left by a mysterious, faceless entity caught on the building's security camera. A puppet whose strings are pulled by someone far worse.

The Red Witch is on the rise. An egomaniac who wants to rival the power of the ancient gods – she's set her sights on Henry and Joanne … and on their baby, Delilah. She knows what hides within the soul of their child, and she'll do anything – or kill anyone – to achieve the power she seeks.

Soon, Henry, Joanne, and Delilah are in the battle of their lives with the hooded entity stalking them, and with the one who wants all power for her own - desperate to protect their new baby, who may hold the key to salvation for all…

… or the destruction of everything Henry and Joanne hold dear.

Chasing the Witch!

A terrifying dream.

A cryptic message. A mysterious death.

The Red Witch is in hiding, but her dark magic reaches far. She'll do whatever it takes to draw the League of the Moon coven out, one by one, until she has the one she needs. Something powerful lies with the one named Mercy. Something worth killing for.

As the haunting echoes of a nightmare fade, Henry tries to shake them off. But nothing in Salem is ever that simple. A cryptic message emerges in his steamy bathroom mirror. When he shows Joanne the strange symbols, she feigns ignorance. Because she's had a nightmare of her own, and it doesn't end well for Henry.

One by one, the members of the League of the Moon coven have the exact same dream. And at the same time. But no one can figure out who lies dying at the end. And to reveal their suspicions to each other could mean death for someone they love.

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